Oops Film Diaries

One thing that we try to do differently is actually shoot our discussions instead of doing voiceovers. But along the way we mess up… a lot. We get really nervous because we are putting ourselves out there for the world to see and it is very intimidating. I’m sure if you have ever made a Youtube video you understand what we are saying. It is scary!

Hopefully in the future we will get our groove down. We already took heat for saying “like” too much. Something I (Kali) tend to do often when I am nervous and when I’m not sure what to say. Who knows. Maybe I just need a good glass of wine… Cheers!




Welcome to D.L. Film Diaries! We are two best friends who share a love of TV and Film. 🙂 Lately we have been doing character videos over the new Outlander Starz series based on the bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon. We will have more to come in the future, so feel free to subscribe to our page and leave comments! Click Here to view our channel.